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Why We Hold Events

Pregnancy and infant loss can be very isolating experiences.  For some, close friends may stay silent or try to avoid the grieving parents.  For others, family members don’t know how to react or co-workers may ignore the event altogether.  While we recognize that every family facing pregnancy or infant loss has a different story and a different way of coping with the loss of their babies, we believe that there is a lot of healing that can happen when we come together and join forces to honor and remember our children.

We host quarterly events that will bring families with losses together for an activity that will have a positive impact on local grieving parents. The events will be free and not intended to work as a support group or counseling of any kind. There won’t be pressure to share your story or talk of your loss if it’s too much that day, but it can be nice to simply spend time with someone else who has walked this road. The activities at each event are aimed at bringing healing, comfort and connectedness.


Some of the activities may include painting memory boxes and crafting keepsakes that will be donated to local hospitals or kept to remember your baby, restorative yoga sessions and even group walks at a local park.  In order to ensure the privacy of participating families, we limit attendance to families who have pre-registered with AIMH and RSVP via email at least the day before the event.   Additionally, the event description will tell you whether the event is for parents only, or if children, family members and friends are also invited.

If you are a new attendee, please contact us to register to participate in our free events, and feel free tell us a little bit of your story in the message box. We understand that your babies are alive in your hearts, and we would love to hold space for them in ours as well.

How to Help Others

Donate to us.

The funds cover funeral expenses or formal counseling to low-income women who have lost a child.

Share your story.

Be a guest blogger and tell us your story of love and loss to help others feel like they have a community.

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Curate our resources.

If you’ve found a book or website that we don’t have listed, please let us know so we can add it to our list of resources.

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